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Lekokoaneng illegal speed humps discouraged


Berea, April 07 — Berea District Commissioner of Police (DISPOL) Senior Superintendent (Snr Supt) Mapuleng Setsomi has strongly spoken against illegal speed humps by Lekokoaneng residents.

DISPOL made this remarks on Wednesday when addressing Lekokoaneng people following an incidence whereby angry members of the public took an initiative of erecting unauthorized speed humps along the Main North One Road with the aim to prevent road accidents.

Snr Supt Setsomi said members of the police are mandated to prevent crime at all its forms working in partnership with community members through their community policing forums, therefore they are aware that they are full of anger about road accidents which always claim lives of their beloved family members.

However, she said efforts to embark on constructing speed humps along such busy road is illegal, but what should happen is to follow legal procedures.

She further said drivers have a bad tendency of forgetting other roads users either being pedestrians or even other vehicles using the same road, hence an alarming rate of road accidents.

DISPOL further encouraged Lekokoaneng community to keep on adhering to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) safety protocols as many up to this far many recreational activities and other social activities are still not permitted.

Sharing the same sentiments, Thupa-Kubu Member of Parliament Mr. Ts’eliso Kalake said it is so sad that since 2018, he has been knocking at Ministry of Public Works and Transport with the aim to seek intervention with horrible accidents which always happen at Lekokoaneng, but all his efforts have been fruitless while on the other hand people keep on dyeing daily on the public roads.

Mr. Kalake pointed out that they were very hopeful that with the recent M400 million which was set aside by the government to address the disasters of the roads destroyed by heavy rains that they will be remembered, but nothing seem to be promising.

He congratulated members of the police for acting decisively over the crime which has happened, but on the other hand he indicated that community members were trying to protect themselves by building speed humps on the road.

Thupa-kubu MP further said while the government is still preparing to construct legal speed humps, they are going to continue with the construction process of such illegal speed humps up until Teyateyana River with the aim to protect people’s lives and prevent reckless driving.

He said luckily the country has embarked on the national reforms roads, therefore it is high time for all stakeholders responsible for public safety and roads to make regulations which can be forwarded to the parliament so that some amendments can be made over the outdated road traffic laws.

Meanwhile, Roads Directorates Principal Technical Officer Mr. Tumelo Matlotlo Mapitse said they always feel the pain whenever people die or encounter accidents on public roads, however he highlighted that among some member causes of road accidents includes over speeding, vandalism or road signs, land encroachment in road reserves and as well as lack of education on usage of roads.

Mr. Mapitse said Road Safety Department has to intensify education on road safety campaigns, adding that lately Area Chiefs and Community Councillors are allocating sites for people to build road reserves and those are major causes of road accidents because it hinders visibility for road users.

He pointed out that the highest legal speed in Lesotho is 80km/hr on national roads and 50km/hr in public areas, therefore with adherence to such speed limit, accidents occurrence can be minimal, but due to lack of compliance road users are driving with the full speed even in the built up areas.

Community Councillor of Lekokoaneng Mr. Molisana Nkhelobane said for quite a long time, they have been trying to approach responsible departments over the construction of speed humps, but their efforts of not fruitless.

Mr. Nkhelobane highlighted that most people have their agricultural fields just below the village, but in most cases they turn to become victims of road accidents due to reckless driving or drivers.

He pointed out that their village have lost over 20 people as a result of road accidents happening near their villages, therefore they call for urgent action from the government.

He pointed out that their village have lost over 20 people as a result of road accidents happening near their villages, therefore they call for urgent action from the government.

When expressing their grievances, one of Lekokoaneng youths Mr. Matobako Sehloho said it came to their minds that they will be dead in the future on public roads, hence efforts to construct illegal speed humps triggered by the rate at which they are losing their family members.

Mr. Sehloho indicated that it has come to their senses that Lekokoaneng is a forgotten place in terms of development activities, but they are aware of the consequences breaking the law, hence they did take an initiative to prioritise their lives by preventing reckless driving with humps.

He stated that their wounds are still bleeding as a result of regular accidents, adding that he still have a family member who is still in mortuary after being hit by a vehicle just along Lekokoaneng.

Another victim of Lekokoaneng road accidents, Mrs. Mathabang Noto said one of the days an over speeding vehicles nearly crashed her near the stones crafters and only these week they have two people who are waiting to be buried as a result of road accidents.

Mrs. Noto said they strongly plead with the government to help them with pedestrians crossing and speed humps in order to preserve lives of people, adding that they have elderly people and students whom their lives are very vulnerable to road accidents.

Meanwhile, Lekokoaneng is commonly known due to its regular occurrence of horrific road accidents and the reports indicate that one of the Area Chiefs is among the two people who are still in mortuary following the last week accident, while the other one is still fighting for life in hospital.


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