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85 percent of health professionals vaccinated


Thaba Tseka April 14 — The District Health Manager (DHM) says they at least managed to reach about 85 percent of the district Health Professionals during the first batch of vaccinating for COVID 19.

This Dr. Rodriguez Mwanawabene stated while talking to the Agency on Wednesday, April 14.

According to the DHM those not vaccinated were not present in the facilities during that time.

Asked on whether there were some who denied to be vaccinated, he said it would be difficult to say they denied the vaccine as they were not available during the vaccination period.

He also reminded the Agency that it was not compulsory for Health Professionals to take the vaccine.

The vaccine arrived in the country in March and it was distributed to different health clinics in the country, Thaba Tseka was not excluded.

The AstraZeneca vaccine was first launched in Lesotho in March, 10 where the King, Queen ‘Masenate and Princess Senate were the first people to be administered with the vaccine.

On March 04, Lesotho received the first batch of 36,000 doses of AstraZeneca.


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