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A landslide victory secures Mohoanyane another term

The incumbent President of Leribe District Football Association (DIFA) Khiba Mohoanyane secured his position winning by a landslide in the DIFA Leribe presidential elections on Sunday.

Mohoanyane, Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) first Vice President, accumulated 285 votes from 330 votes on the table followed by young challenger Moholi Phelanyane who managed only 30 votes. Ketane FC President Tumo Molahlehi secured 12 votes while Teboho Tolo only obtained 4 votes.

Speaking on Radio Lesotho  after elections, victorious Khiba Mohoanyane thanked the people of Leribe for believing in him. Mohoanyane said delegates came in numbers because they were unhappy with the way his challenger Molahlehi discrediting him during the campaigning.

He said people of Leribe pledged their support to him regardless of his flaws in order to deny Molahlehi their vote.

In his concession, Molahlehi congratulated Mohoanyane for his re-election and accepted the outcome of the elections, but raised concerns about why Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) was led by LEFA staff members, which he alleged to be a clear conflict of interest.

Molahlehi alleged that there were clubs which were not registered for 2019/20 but were given the opportunity to vote which is totally opposite to the Rules governing District Football Associations clause 7.

The challengers, Tolo and Moholi Phelanyane said new ideas are needed in the DIFA Leribe leadership as Mohoanyane’s ideas are stagnant. They said there was no clear separation of power within the structures.

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