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Cardinal Khoarai dies


Maseru, Apr. 17–The first Lesotho Cardinal his holiness Sebastian Koto Khoarai Oblate of Mary Immaculate (OMI) has died.

Archbishop Tlali Lerotholi released a statement on Saturday that the Cardinal passed on, on April 17, and details of his burial will be communicated soon.

Cardinal Khoarai has been hospitalised for some time until he succumbed to the illness on Saturday.

He was ordained Cardinal in January 2017, and was given the title of Saint Leonard of Port Maurice in Acilia – a diocese of Rome. Rightfully he was to be called Cardinal Priest of St. Leonard of Port Maurice in Acilia.

He was among the 24 Cardinals in Africa who formed part of the 226 of the Roman Catholic Church.

The 91 year-old Cardinal served the church for 65 years.


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