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Football legends launch health day


Maseru, Apr. 18 — The Minister of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation Likeleli Tampane has appealed to football veterans to promote sports in the country.

Speaking during a launch of Health Day for Football Veterans Association of Lesotho, the Minister stated that sports help people physically, mentally and psychologically therefore have to be taught to children at a younger age as well as grassroots level.

She encouraged the veterans to instill the love of sports in children and promote cooperation and commitment.

She acknowledged efforts by the Association to revive sports in the country which is deteriorating.

She stated that the Ministry will work together with them to reform sports using their expertise and skills.

Tampane indicated that the Ministry will contribute in projects which the Association has already started adding that they will provide them with temporary office space.

The Minister said the Ministry needs advise on how to convince NACOSEC to ease restrictions on sports. She stressed that lives need to go back to normal and people should learn to live with COVID-19 while observing safety protocols.

President of the Football Veterans Association of Lesotho Lebeko Notsi popularly known as ‘Tycoon’, stated that they aim to promote job creation and poverty alleviation as well as contribute in community development. He indicated that football veterans should be acknowledged for their contribution in sports. He added that they should stay healthy mentally and provide them with counselling.

Teboho Frantsi stated that the veterans need to have their ears checked annually for proper hearing.

She pointed out that hearing is the most delicate sense and hard working.

She emphasised that sports contribute in entertainment and work therefore sports people need to have healthy hearing.

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