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Highlands inaccessible due to heavy snowfall



Maseru, Aug. 14 — Three highlands districts of the country are currently not accessible by road following heavy snowfall last night which is still falling and has blocked roads from the lowlands to the mountainous parts of the country according to the Disaster Management Authority (DMA) reports.

DMA Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Caroline Mahosi said from Botha Bothe at ‘Moteng the road is not accessible due to heavy snowfall, as well as the road connecting Linakeng and Sani Pass to Mokhotlong.

Mrs. Mahosi further said in the Maseru district, at Thaba Putsoa along the mountain road, snow has blocked the road passing through to Matsóona, adding that even the road to Semonkong is not accessible at Thaba Putsoa range, saying from Semonkong to Qacha’s Nek the road is not accessible and that even in Quthing at Lebelonyane the snowfall has blocked the road.

”It is a countrywide challenge and therefore appeal to the people to stop traveling from the lowlands to the highlands and vice versa in order to save lives,” she highlighted.

Furthermore, the DMA Deputy Chief Executive Officer noted that there are currently no reports of any motorists which have been trapped by the snow or any lives either of human beings and stock which are in danger,” she added.

Mrs. Mahosi said there are no reports of the herders at cattle posts whose lives might have been in danger as a results of the prevailing snow fall and therefore appealed to the nation to heed the call made by the DMA for them to remain where they are until further notice.

In a press statement DMA warned the nation not to take trips at night to the highlands places due to the prevailing snowfall that has blocked the roads.

The statement also urges the nation to rather get information either from DMA or Lesotho Meteorological Services (LMS) before taking any trips and to also tune in to local Radio Stations for further information.

Meanwhile, rain has been predicted to fall starting on Friday night till Sunday.



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