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LEFA snubs Teele


Maseru April 13 — The General secretary of coaches Mr. Teele Ntsonyana has been expelled from Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) training held by Lesotho Football Association as one of the coach in coaching instructors.

During an interview with the agency Mr. Nts’onyana said he was expelled unfairly because a letter was not given to him as a notice for the dismissal on the training. He indicated according to the Lesotho Football Association law, this is a discrimination because the code of ethics was not followed.

He further described he did not do any misconduct that related to the course (FIFA Instructors course) that could have made the Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) to expel him explaining that he has a certificate that allows him to go for a training and only an assessment was left.

In addition, Mr. Nts’onyana said as a qualified coach, he is disappointed and feels less because what was done to him was discrimination and he believes that the office misused the power to expel him however showing that In this case, he hopes the office will have a valid reason behind this action.

Meanwhile, LEFA has released a press statement which says these removal allegations involves act of misconduct which have to be investigated to.This also explain that the letter of complaints against Mr. Nts’onyana have also been sent to the president of coaches association for the appropriate investigation and action.

LEFA has come to a considered opinion that it would not be in the best interest as football and good administration to allow Mr. Nts’onyana continue being trained by LEFA as it cost until such time that his name shall have been cleared.he will be served with relevant letters to inviting him to make representation in the coming few days.

Lesotho Football Association is the governing body of association football in Lesotho.It was formed in 1932 its office of operation and headquarters are based in Maseru.


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