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Mahali corruption case postponed


Maseru, Jun.07 — A case in which former Minister of Education and Training, Dr. Mahali Phamotse together with former Principal Secretary Mapaseka Kolotsane and Deputy Principal Secretary Ratsiu Majara are charged with corruption, has yet again been postponed to August 31st 2021 for Pre-Trial Conference (PTC).

The case was in April this year postponed to May 03 2021, then to today for the PTC.

Both the defense and the prosecution had in April agreed that requests for further particulars be made that month and the prosecution replies to the requests so that the PTC could be held. The Court was informed by the prosecution that full discovery was made and that a request for further particulars made earlier were being attended to.

The defense had pointed out that the prosecution should confirm that the documents received by the defense are all that they intend to rely on in their case. They had indicated that this would help avoid a situation whereby new documents appear in the middle of the trial, resulting in postponements and prejudice to the defense.

The Court had emphasized that voluminous documents should be summarized for ease of comprehension, adding that quality of witnesses should be prioritized and only relevant witnesses be used as the main aim of the courts is to dispense justice.

The accused in the matter are facing various charges comprising corruption, fraud, issuing a manifestly illegal order and conflict of interest. The alleged crimes occurred in 2015 and are in relation to a tender on development, printing, supply and delivery of text books and Teacher’s guides for Grade 5 for the National Curriculum Development Centre.

The case is before Judge Molefi Makara and the defense lawyers are Advocates Salemane Phafane (KC), Karabo Mohau (KC) and Motiea Teele (KC) while the prosecution lawyer is Adv. Shaun Abrahams.


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