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Mohoanyane meets PLMC amid escalating tensions

Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) held first meeting on Wednesday with 1st Vice President of Lesotho Football Association (LEFA) since he was tasked  to oversee the committee in January 2021.

PLMC Public Relations Office confirmed having meeting with Mohoanyane and presented before him plans of the committee and  what is a way forward.

Mohoanyane is a non voting member of PLMC from the National Executive Committee (NEC) of LEFA.

This meeting came amid a visible tension between the office of Secretary General of LeFA and PLMC office since July where both offices failed to consult each other regarding postponement of league games involving teams with more players in the national team.

The Secretary General office  issued a directive postponing league matches between Linare and LMPS, LDF against Liphakoe, LDF against FC Likhopo and LMPS against Kick4life.

The tension escalated when PLMC docked six points and six goals from LDF and LMPS for failing to honour these two matches. Both teams wrote to LEFA NEC to intervene as PLMC imposed punishement without hearing them.

It is still not clear how NEC is going to reverse this PLMC decision because these teams could have lodged their cases against Disciplinary Committee (DISPROCO) or Appeal Board.



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