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Mpiti retains his position at the helm

District Football Association of Qacha’s Nek(DIFA) delegates gave their incumbent president Tebalo Mpiti a fresh mandate to lead the organisation for four more years on Saturday 10th April 2021.

In his speech, Mpiti thanks DIFA executive committee and applauded them for giving him unwavering support in the district to develop football.

He thanked the delegates for leaving their daily duties to be part of the Annual General Meeting after four years and entrusting him to lead district football governing body for 5th term.

Mpiti pointed out that in order to develop football in the district, clubs should have development teams and women clubs to sustain football and start recruiting players at six years of age.

President Mpiti reminded the delegates that he has been re-elected to the National Executive Committee of Lesotho Football Association(LeFA NEC) and the president of LeFA tasked him to oversee A&B Division League Management Committee and Referees Committee.

“As you know I have been re-elected executive committee member of LeFA, the NEC under the tutelage of President Salemane Phafane KC tasked me to be overseer of A and B-Division Leagues and Referees Committee.”

“I  put my head on the block that after these 4 years there will be at least 2 referees from this district officiating in the Premier League.” Mpiti said.

“It was not an easy elections because some people had agenda from political parties to choose who should lead football, I beg you to refuse to be used by politicians because we are from political parties but never let them interfere with our football.” he said.

Replying to concerns raised by some members, Mpiti strongly warned office administrator Mr. Hlauli Motlomelo to open office and serve the clubs. He tasked his first vice president Mr. Tšepo Lerole to see office administrator does open the office and  said this should not happen again.

This rebuke was as a result of the concern by Mr. Mabote from Manonyane FC Qacha’s Nek who said he was not happy the way DIFA office of administrator operates because mostly the office remain closed and that hinders the services.

He said they submitted their nominations a day before deadline to challenge incumbent president, but failed because there was no one in the office.

Mr. Thatho from Melele FC shared the same opinion, he pointed out that President Mpiti is gaining experience especially to be in the LeFA NEC, but football in Qacha’s Nek remains the same.

He said leadership of DIFA must understand that they have been enthroned by clubs and should cease making decision without consulting them.

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