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Night clubs ignore COVID-19 precautions




Maseru, April 10 — Night club owners are ignoring COVID-19 regulations.

No mask no entry and honoring to leave space between individuals are some of the regulations not being practiced night clubs.

Almost everyone who attended one of the night clubs last night did not abide by the regulations of COVID-19.

Not even one individual wore a mask. Everyone was dancing and walking around as though they do not have to protect themselves.

Ngaka Polisane who works as a bartender’s at the night club said, at the point where they have to be strict with people concerning the regulations of COVID – 19 or making money, they honestly have to choose making money.

”As much as we want to protect everyone and trying to operate by the rules, we would loose money and which is not an option,’ he stated.

However, one patron who was at the club Relebohile Leluka mentioned that all she wants is to have fun and enjoy herself, she could not even realize she is not wearing a mask or keeping distance between her and people around.

She then added that even if it is hard to keep COVID-19 regulations, when they arrive home after clubbing they steam up and drink hot water with garlic to reduce infection.

‘Wearing a mask is like having clothes on all the time,’ she said.

COVID-19 spread has been very low ever since people practiced wearing masks every time and avoiding been in crowded places.


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