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Nomaswati honoured by Sesotho enthusiasts

Lesotho National Broadcasting Service (LNBS) newsreader Nomaswati Letsholo was showered with gifts by Sesotho language enthusiasts on Moshoeshoe’s day.

The charismatic newsreader became a darling among many Basotho who regularly tune into Lesotho Television (LTV) prime time Sesotho news daily for the past ten years.

It had started when many individuals started praising her on social media where many snippets of her verses were shared on Facebook and WhatsApp statuses.

The initiative to give her presents was reported by one of the organisers Mr Makhooane as a brainchild of Lesotho Mounted Police Service Commissioner Holomo Molibeli, who asked his friends among the police force to do something about her brilliance as a way to encourage her and to show their appreciation.

Many Sesotho experts including Former LNBS Sesotho Language Expert and Nomaswati mentor Ratokelo Nkoka congratulated her as a great example for the future generations.

She was given a blanket, ram, seshoeshoe dress, traditional hide dress, money and a framed photo.

The climax of the celebration was a procession along Kingsway Road in a Thabure car.

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