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Sechele qualifies for Senior African Championships

Lesotho long and triple jump athlete Lerato Sechele opened her season with positive results in Bloemfontein last month when she qualified for Senior African Championships to be held in Algeria.

Lerato’s participated in Motheo Meetings in Bloemfontein South Africa where she obtained a 13.15 meters in triple jump which was good results for her qualification.

In her interview with News4u Sport, Lerato was very excited. “I am very happy and my coach was excited too with this results, in previous seasons I mostly opened  by 12 meters.” she said. “This was very good to me especially when I did not start my trainings early like other athletes because of injury.” Sechele said.

Sechele entered a second competition which was Free State Championship where she did participated in long and triple jump, even though her favourite was triple jump.

She completed 5.79 meters in long jump, short of her record in long jump which is 5.84 meters. Sechele said that was a significant improvement bearing in mind her previous records in long jump.

On the 29th February 2020 she participated in triple jump again where she made 13.14 meters. She said her coach again was very impressed with this results even though the weather was not favourable.

“What makes me excited is that, 13.15 meters that I opened with, booked me a spot  for 2020 African Senior Championship to be held in Algeria this year because qualifying standard is 13 meters.” she said.  Sechele won bronze medal in 2018 African Senior Championships 2018 in Nigeria.

Sechele told News4u Sport team that in March she does not have competitions engagements, but most of her competitions are in April. The only worry she has now was that, those competitions will be in Mauritius and France, countries affected by Coronavirus whichhas taken the world by storm. “I don’t know what will happen, but we will see as time goes on.” she said.

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