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Secker speaks out

Former Lijabatho FC head coach Thabile Secker disclosed that his contract with Lijabatho Football Club has been terminated due to unpaid bonuses.

Secker announced on Radio Lesotho Sports show that he saw it coming when in the previous weeks one of management committee members insulted him for no apparent reason.

Secker said the problem arose when he demanded his bonus that attached in the contract specifying that if he performs, his salary will be incremented.

“In January our team performed well before COVID-19 stopped  the league, but to my surprise at the end of the month there was no salary increment.

I took initiative to ask management, they told me the team was struggling financially because of COVID-19,” Secker said.

“The president of the team approached me and told me that former Matlama head coach Charles Manda was coming to work with us, I pressed president about what would be the position of Manda in the team. you can’t impose someone without a position, this is not how football works, everyone has a position.” Secker related.

Secker said he was a simple and straight forward person who tells things as they are.

“If you hired me to do the job, please let me do it so that you can judge me, but do not interfere with my job because I will not tolerate it whether you are the boss or the player,” he said.

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