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Sports and Recreation policy drafted


The Minister of Gender and youth, Sports and Recreation Mrs Likeleli Tampane says that the consultation workshop on national sport and recreation draft policy was a history in the making.

In her opening remarks, the Minister showed that the sport without policy have no direction saying the sports helps in the nation building and bringing unity among the nation.

Mrs Tampane further indicated that the mission is to have sustainable social and economic impact through accessible, inclusive ,safe, well-governed and successful sport and recreation and the vision is to have one nation through sports and recreation..

According to Mrs. Tampane this policy is meant to improve governance of sports and recreation in Lesotho, to increase employment opportunity for youth saying that a person can live and support families with sports and to increase the economic growth of the country.

She also pointed out that this policy is meant to unite the youth and help to discover their talent because future is based on that.

On the other hand Deputy Chair and Task team secretariat Mrs. ‘Majoele Likonelo Hlasoa said the sports has to move from amateur to the professional level.

Mrs. Hlasoa expressed her gratitude to all those who took responsibility to see that the draft of policy is successful she however said that the implementation of policy is going to be difficult because of the impact of COVID 19.

Mr. Thabang Kholumo on behalf of social cluster said he was so happy that the policy is well drafted because the sports is the only thing that unite the nation to become one nation.

He also said children has be trained at early level from school saying that the time table has to include the sports so that they can see that sports are important to their future.

Meanwhile Mr. Moshoeshoe Fako Member of Parliament said that they will support this policy till the end in order to have successful sports.


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