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Sports Minister lashes at NACOSEC spokesperson


Maseru, Apr. 13 — Minister of Sports, Ms. Likeleli Tampane has lashed out at Lesotho National Covid-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) Head of Communications, Mr. Baroane Phenethi for his alleged rude response on continued suspension of contact games.

Tampane said she will deal with Phenethi accordingly, especially because this is not the first time that the Head of Communications is accused of rudeness in his responses to national issues.

Phenethi has been accused of belittling contact games players and all those who make a living out of it, by calling them ‘lequloana’, which those affected interpret it as ‘a gang’. He was responding to concerns that contact games continue to be suspended except soccer, even though it is evident that there are people who make a living out of those.

He is alleged to have said, they cannot put the nation’s lives in danger for ‘a gang’ of people whose livelihoods depend on games.

He is alleged to have said, they cannot put the nation’s lives in danger for ‘a gang’ of people whose livelihoods depend on games.

Tampane said it was not appropriate for Phenethi to speak in a way that he did, and she is aware that this is war but she awaits findings on whether the Head of Communications was speaking on his personal or official capacity, then appropriate action will be taken then.

The fuming Minister put emphasis on the fact that NACOSEC reports to government, not the other way round.

When contacted for comment, Phenethi accused media of always misinterpreting their sources, adding that he now understands why some people refuse to speak to the media, but prefer a ‘no comment’ response.

Responding to whether or not he used the word ‘lequloana’, he told the news agency that he speaks with more than 20 journalists on a daily basis but all who decide to twist his words, also indicating, the word is not even in his vocabulary.

However, Phenethi avoided saying whether or not he used the word in his response.

He concluded by pointing out that what he said was that other contact games are still on hold except for soccer.

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